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Choosing Your 1st Kart

Buying your first racing kart can be a daunting task with several different chassis manufactures and two engines manufactures to choose from in the UAE.

If you intend to race competitively in the UAE you should first decide which racing series you intend to race in. The two race series in the UAE are the X30 Challenge or Rotax Max Challenge. The X30 Challenge series uses IAME engines, The Rotax Max Challenge uses Rotax engines. 

Each racing series has various classes that are based on age and type of engine used.

UAE Racing Classes

  • Class





    X30 Rookie Restricted   8 to 10 Years Old   IAME X30 Rookie With Power Restrictor
    X30 Cadet   10 to 12 Years Old    IAME X30 Rookie 
    X30 Junior   13 to 15 Years Old   IAME X30 With Junior Exhaust Restrictor
    X30 Senior   15 Years +   IAME X30
    X30 Master   30 Years +   IAME X30 
    X30 Shifter   15 Years +   IAME X30 Shifter 
    X30 Shifter Veteran   35 Years +   IAME X30 Shifter
  • Class





    Micro Max   8 to 10 Years Old   Rotax Micro Max
    Mini Max   10 to 12 Years Old    Rotax Mini Max 
    Junior Max   12 to 16 Years Old   Rotax Junior Max
    Senior Max   15 Years +   Rotax Senior Max
    DD2   16 Years +   Rotax Max DD2
    DD2 Master   31 Years +   Rotax Max DD2

More information on each series can be found here:

Where to buy a Kart


Six different kart manufactures, Tony Kart, Sodi Kart, BirelART, Energy Kart, Zanardi and CRG have dealers/teams in the UAE. All of these dealers can sell you a new kart. Most of the dealers will also have used karts for sale.

You can also find used karts forsale on the notice board at Dubai Kartdrome and in the Karting Dubai classified section here

Scuderia Racing Kart (Tony Kart Dealer), Energy Kart and Sodi Kart are located at Dubai Kartdrome and all offer sales and service facilities at the track. Zanardi Kart is sold by RAK Track with there sales & service facility located at RAK Track. CRG is based at the Al Forsan track in Abu Dhabi.

UAE Kart Dealers / Teams

Tony Kart Scuderia Racing Kart +971 55 398 0482 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.scuderiark.com Dubai Kartdrome
Energy Kart Energy Karts Dubai  +971 52 709 4388   www.energydubai.net Dubai Kartdrome
Sodi Kart Sodi Kart Middle East +971 50 825 3705 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.sodikartme.com Dubai Kardrome
Zanardi Rak Track +971-07-2222128 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.raktrack.com Rak Track - Ras al-Khaimah
CRG CRG Middle East +971 56 952 0238 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Al Forsan - Abu Dhabi
BirelART BirelART Middle East +968 9933 3722 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

New Or Used?


When deciding between buying a new kart from a dealer or a second hand kart you should consider the following:

  • Make of Kart - Is there a local dealer to get spare parts from?
  • Age of Kart - Older karts are obviously cheaper to buy but if the kart has done a lot of laps the chassis may be worn out, bent or even cracked.
  • Engine Hours - Check the number of hours the engine has done since it's last service or rebuild. A general rule is engines should be serviced every 25 hours.
  • Kart History - Has the kart won any races or featured at the front of the grids? This will give a good indication of how well the kart is setup and how well it has been maintained.
  • What's Included - Does the kart come with a data logger and any spare parts? Buying a data logger/lap timer will add at least AED1500 to your budget and it's essential to have one.
  • Support - Unless you have the mechanical skills to maintain the kart yourself, you'll need a team/dealer to maintain the kart for you.
  • Race Support - Do you intend to race with a team? All of the bigger more established teams in the UAE only allow drivers to race in there team using there preferred brand of kart.

Although buying a used kart that's one or two seasons old from a team/dealer will be more expensive than a four year old model that's got no local dealer support you'll find it more cost effective in the long term with no down time waiting on spare parts from overseas or disappointing race days where a broken part can stop your days racing. The future resale value will also be higher if you decide to sell the kart.


The advantages of buying a brand new kart are:

  • The Right Kart for you - When buying a new kart from a dealer you get the exact specification you want. You can choose the model you want with the engine you want.
  • Latest Specification - Kart manufacturers frequently update the specification and design or there karts, buying new usually means you'll get the latest model.
  • Setup - Your dealer will normally provide you with advice on the best setup for the chassis at each track together with information on running the kart.
  • Support - Most dealers offer a full range of support packages for your kart.
  • History - You know the kart has not been crashed or abused by the previous owner. 

What's the Best Kart?


Tony Kart is considered the number one kart brand in the world. Worldwide statistics show that Tony Kart's win more races than any other brand.

In the UAE Tony Kart has generally dominated each class they compete in, they are particularly strong in the Rotax Junior & Senior categories with most of the Mini max and Junior max drivers choosing to race on a Tony Kart chassis in the 2015/2016 season.

During the 2015/2016 racing season the following championships were won by the following karts:

Rotax Micro Max Tony Kart
Rotax Mini Max  Tony Kart
Rotax Junior Max Tony Kart 
Rotax Senior Max Tony Kart (FA Kart)
Rotax DD2 BirelART
Rotax DD2 Masters BirelART
X30 Rookie Zanardi
X30 Cadet Energy Kart
X30 Junior Tony Kart
X30 Senior Sodi Kart
X30 Master Tony Kart (Kosmic)
X30 Shifter Energy Kart
X30 Veteran BirelART

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