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Dubai cadet karting

Cadets - Where it all starts!

The cadet class is for our youngest drivers from the age of 8 to 13 years old.

Possibly one of the most fun and competitive classes in our racing scene here in the UAE. The cadets really set an amazing standard of driving ability, sportsmanship and dedication. 

Powered by 60cc IAME Parilla 2 stroke engines the cadet karts are fully homologated racing karts. Any make of kart chassis can be used in the cadet class provided it is homolgated, BRM cadet karts have proven to be the choice of most drivers in the class due to it's domination of the race results in this class. 

BRM Cadet KartEquipment

Chassis: 900 or 950mm Wheelbase - Homologated

Engine: IAME Parilla 60cc Mini Swift - All Engines are of Identical specification and sealed by an independent body to eliminate tuning or modification.

Tyres: MG Cadete

Weight Limit

Kart and Driver have a minimum weight of 110kg.

The minimum weight limit is set to enable fair racing. Light drivers have no performance advantage as they have to carry lead ballast on the karts to reach the minimum weight. 

Age 8 to 13 Years

All drivers must pass a compulsory ARKS test to obtain their race license. The ARKS test course can be taken at Dubai Kartdrome or Al ain raceway


A new cadet kart ready to race costs around AED16,500, used karts start at around AED10,000

Getting Started

In order to race in the cadet championship you’ll need your own kart, safety equipment (helmet, suit, boots and gloves) and a race license.

It’s always a good idea to see if your child enjoys karting before investing in the required equipment. Dubai Kartdrome has a fleet of kids rental karts available to hire at the indoor karting track. A few sessions at the indoor track will give you an idea of how enjoyable karting can be.

Safety Equipment

Before you start practicing or racing in your own kart you’ll need the following safety equipment:

A helmet that is approved for use in kart racing.

Helmets with the following approvals are allowed in the UAE championship:

  • FIA 8860-2004
  • SNELL SA2005
  • SNELL SA2000
  • SFI Foundation 31.1A, 31.2A BS 6658 Type A/FR
  • BS 6658 – 85 Type A (Type B is not acceptable) SNELL K98 and K2005

Neck Brace - neck brace deigned for use in karting.

Gloves - Motorsport race gloves that cover the wrist.

Boots - Motorsport race boots that include ankle protection.

Race Suit - A CIK Homologated race suit must be used. Race suits have a CIK homologation badge with the homologation level and expiry date of the homologation.

Gulf Sport Racing based at motorcity near the Dubai kartdrome stocks a full range of karting race wear from Arai, Alpinestars, Sparco and Bell. Mike Scott (050 5181 874) at Gulfsport can help you with all your race wear requirements.

Buying A Kart

Depending on your budget you can either buy a new cadet kart for about AED16,500 or a second hand kart. The advantages of buying a new kart is you know the kart has not be involved in any crashes and the chassis will be straight and the engine new.

Many of the used karts in Dubai are in great condition with the previous owners maintaining them to a high standard.  You should try to find out how many hours the engine has done and when it last had a service. A normal engine service is required every 25 hours of use and will cost around AED1000. If the engine has over 100 hours of use a more expensive engine rebuild will be needed. A 100 hour complete rebuild of the IAME Parilla mini swift engine used in the cadet class costs around AED3000.