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IAME X30 Jetting

TRYTON HB27 CThe IAME X30 junior & senior engines are supplied with a TRYTON HB27-C carburetor. The carburetor has adjustable jets allowing you to change the jetting while driving. Setting the correct jetting is one of the most important factors affecting engine performance.

Maintaining and servicing the carburator is important to ensure consistant performance.

Standard Jet Settings

IAME recommend you start with the following settings:

High Jet - 1.10

Low Jet - 1.0

Maintenance Tips

TRYTON HB27 C partsThe TRYTON HB27 is a butterfly carburetor, inside the carburetor a rubber diaphragm and a membrane system is used. The diaphragm and membrane needs to be replaced at regular intervals to maintain correct carburetor performance. You will need a Tryton service kit (R215) to replace the membrane and diaphragm, the kit includes a membrane, diaphragm and two gaskets.


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